VIDEO: A Circular Economy Won’t Work With Every Material – Hewlett Packard

[youtube=]WEEE Programme Manager of Hewlett Packard (HP), Kirstie McIntyre, has said that it would be very difficult for a circular economy approach to work with every material that is available to us.

Speaking after the CIWM & ESA Conference, McIntyre discussed how we could make a circular economy work.

She said that said that a possible way of doing this could be by manufacturers creating markets for those who are generating secondary materials.

She said that those generating the secondary materials need to work in a professional way to create materials of the right quality and consistency that the big manufacturers are looking for.

CIWM Journal Online also spoke to Scott Bulter, managing director of ERP and Cllr Clare Whelan OBE, Lambeth Council, who spoke on the circular economy and designing out waste.

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