VIDEO: There’s A “Huge Appetite” To Deliver Circular Economy

[youtube=]The Resource Association’s Ray Georgeson and LARAC’s Lee Marshall, both RWM ambassadors, discuss the groups’ circular economy report and RWM with CIWM in general… 

“It’s been a fascinating process,” said Ray Georgeson, speaking on the RWM ambassadors’ report into the circular economy, which was published in September. “What’s really obvious is that there’s a huge appetite for changes in order to deliver the circular economy that we want so much…”

LARAC’s Lee Marshall said: “I think what the RWM ambassadors have to say is let’s challenge ourselves, firstly to the industry, so as a group there’re questions that we all feel challenged by form our different sectors…”

They go one to discuss this year’s RWM in partnership with CIWM.

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