VIDEO: Viridor’s “Making Big Strides”, Says Chief Executive Ian McAulay

[youtube=]Viridor’s chief executive, Ian McAulay, says that the company is making “big strides” towards being a combined energy and resources and recycling business, as he discusses what the future holds for Viridor. 

Speaking on the industry in general and his first year as Viridor’s chief executive, he said: “It’s an exciting place to be. There’s lots of challenges, lots of opportunities and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those 12 months.”

“Viridor has gone through a period of transformation… we’re bringing on five energy recovery facilities this year… so we’re making some big strides towards being that combined energy and resources and recycling business.”

“The focus of the company will be on both energy and resources and recycling. It will be on quality…”

Look out for the December issue of the CIWM Journal for an in-depth interview with Ian McAulay.


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