VIDEO: Waste Partnerships Play An Important Role For Local Authorities

[youtube=]In the face of local authority budget cuts waste and resource partnerships have an important role to play in progressing recycling forward in the UK, according to Dr Jane Beasley and Paul Vanston. 

In a video interview, Dr Jane Beasley of Beasley Associates and Paul Vanston of the Kent Resource Partnership discuss the barriers to waste partnerships in the UK.

“Partnership working – coming together, becoming more efficient, sharing the expertise, sharing the resources – is vital, as budgets continue to be cut… we should be coming together to share resources,” Dr Jane Beasley says.

Speaking on the Kent resource Partnership, Paul Vanston says: “We don’t have all the answers to all the questions, but one thing is clear – we’ve gone into this partnership because we want to, as a set of councils. We want to continue that partnership, but it has to be based on the money.”

Watch the video for the full interview

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