London’s War on Cigarette Waste Reduces Litter By 64 Percent

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The City of London Corporation has created a highly effective, integrated initiative to reduce smoking related litter in cities and high footfall areas, resulting in a reduction of 64 percent

Cigarette litter accounts for over 50 percent of all litter dropped worldwide, according to Keep America Beautiful.

Made of cellulose acetate, cigarette filters are estimated to take anywhere from 10 to 25 years to degrade. Smoking related litter blights landscapes, leaks toxins into water courses, poses a significant fire hazard and a serious threat to wildlife.

Keep Britain Tidy (KBT) estimates that more than 100 tonnes of cigarette litter is dropped every day across the UK alone. In 2007, smoking related litter was found in 78 percent of locations surveyed in the UK.

The “No ifs. No butts” initiative has delivered dramatic improvements in local environment quality and cleansing efficiency in the City of London for the benefit of citizens, commerce and tourism.

Keep Britain Tidy – 100 tonnes of cigarette litter is dropped every day across the UK alone

As a direct result of this initiative cigarette litter in the City has fallen by 64 percent (Source: City of London smoking related litter hotspot survey), resulting in over 27m pieces of smoking related litter and gum kept off the pavements in the City each year.

The initiative’s five point strategy set out to reduce smoking related litter has proved effective and could be replicated in any city worldwide, according to the City Of London Corporation.

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