Vote For Your “Most Hated” Badly-Designed Products

Zero Waste Europe’s People’s Design Lab project has launched a new campaign that offers participants the ability to nominate badly designed products and vote for their “most hated” products to be improved or phased out.

The People’s Design Lab is an international project aimed at identifying and redesigning poorly designed and wasteful products which pave the way for a circular economy.

The online platform targets products that break too early, that are not repairable, that are toxic, are not recyclable or for any other reason are unfit for a circular economy.

The People’s Design Lab aims to enable citizens to take action by highlighting the problems and identifying zero waste solutions.

The first online phase of the Redesign Europe Challenge will run from May 16 until June 26. During this phase people are asked to nominate and vote for the products they consider to be most wasteful.

The three most “hated” products will win the #Designed4Trash award. Additionally, participants can suggest solutions to the wasteful products to provide valuable information to like-minded people.

In the second phase, from June 26 onwards, the People’s Design Lab will push governments and the industry to stop the #Designed4Trash “winners” from entering the market.

From September onwards, Redesign Europe workshops will take place around Europe, where people can get together and think new solutions to the most wasteful products on the market.

The People’s Design Lab takes inspiration from the Little Museum of Bad Industrial Design in Italy, and “The People’s Design Lab UK”, where examples of bad design were identified by groups of citizens and attempts were made to redesign the products with zero waste alternatives.

The launch of the campaign follows coverage in UK national news that Pringles and Lucozade sports drinks have been highlighted as among the recycling “villains”, being difficult to separate and recycle.

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