Wales Aims For A Sustainable Future With The Future Generations Bill

25-07-13(1)picWales has developed the Future Generations Bill, which aims to ensure that future generations of Wales will not be impacted by environmental mistakes made by today’s generations. 

The Future Generations Bill (FGB) for Wales (previously the Sustainable Development Bill) will help tackle the generational challenges Wales faces in “a more joined up and integrated way” – ensuring Welsh public services make key decisions with the long term well being of Wales in mind.

First Minister Carwyn Jones (pictured) said in a statement that “Sustainability lies at the heart of the Welsh Government’s agenda for Wales; it also lies at the heart of this legislative programme.”

The FGB will promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and aim to enhance people’s quality of life in Wales. It sets out to define the long-term development path for the country.

The legislative programme provides “new powers, duties and institutional capacity to advance the goals of building a sustainable Wales,” according to the First Minister.

The First Minister updated the 2011-16 Legislative Programme, which included the Welsh Government’s commitment to legislate to make sustainable development the central organising principle of the devolved public service in Wales and to create an independent body to provide advice, guidance and expertise.

The Future Generations Bill, which the First Minister said was the working title, will help communicate its purpose and foster better engagement between organisations on how legislation is used to ensure that the decisions of today are better for the long-term.

In 2012 there was a consultation on the White Paper proposals for legislation, which places sustainable development at the heart of the Welsh Government and organisations delivering public services in Wales.

Stakeholders provided constructive and detailed responses to the proposals and now the Welsh Government wants to ensure that works through some of the areas that the consultation raised.

As set out by the First Minister the Bill will now be introduced in Summer 2014.

“We will open a national conversation on the challenges faced by communities across Wales in order to engage as wide a variety of the public as possible on what the Bill will mean for them,” the Welsh Government said in a statement.

The Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty will discuss with the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures what he might do to help kick-start this conversation.


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