Waste Transfer Business Permit Revoked Despite Appeal

29-05-14-Oakham-permit-revokedThe Planning Inspectorate has dismissed Oakham Environmental Waste & Recycling Centre Ltd’s appeal against the revocation of its Environmental Permit by the Environment Agency.

The company, which ran a skip business and waste transfer station in Kingswinford, West Midlands, is reported to “have significantly breached certain permit conditions”. The Agency revoked the permit in May 2013 after the company allowed a series of breaches including storing too much waste on site; having no technically competent manager; waste being tipped and stored outside the appropriate bunkers; and significant amounts of waste tipped outside the permit area.

The company failed to comply with a series of enforcement notices and their lack of action resulted in a number of waste fires and has now been ordered to remove all of the waste from the site within six weeks.

Revoking The Permit

Revoking the permit takes away the operator’s permission to operate. The Environment Agency is, in some cases, revoking permits to prevent further waste activities at these sites, even where prosecution may not have begun. This is necessary to tackle these problem sites and their impact on legitimate businesses and the environment.

Speaking about this approach, Jonathan Hall, from the Environment Agency said: We will not tolerate operators who continually breach the conditions of their permits, or pose unacceptable risks to the environment. We’re taking action against poorly performing waste sites because, in our opinion, these permit holders are not competent to operate in line with their permits and their operations pose a serious risk to the environment.

“Failure to comply with an environmental permit is an offence and undermines those legitimate businesses which make sure they do comply.”

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