Welcome To A New Way Of Trading Waste

14-06-13-wastewebA new website has been launched that aims to transform the way in which businesses and local authorities trade their waste.

WasteWeb is an online platform that allows any business or organisation to offer their waste to potential buyers, who will then place a bid on the items on offer… an eBay for the waste sector, as it has been described.

One of the men behind the new service, Jonathan Saunders, said: “After a lot of research and a series of invaluable meetings with prospective users, WasteWeb was launched to provide a real-time, business-to-business trading platform for waste products, recyclables and waste services so manufacturers, recyclers and service providers can buy and sell products and services at a price that’s right for their business on the day they want to trade.”

The idea is that rather than be restricted by a set price, the seller can realize the true value of what they have at any given time in the market, and can select the buyer they want to work with to get the best deal.

Items are posted online for free, with either a fixed price or are placed up for auction, with clear description and the quantity available and their location; while services and materials wanted can also be sought through the site.

“We believe the time is right for waste in an online market place,” Jonathan said. “The online market wasn’t mature even two years ago, so WasteWeb is delivering what the industry wants and needs”.



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