Zero Waste & Low Carbon Key To An “Economy That Works” Says Report


The Aldersgate Group has released a new report launching its “An Economy That Works initiative” and it highlights zero waste and low carbon as two of the key factors.

The report frames the key characteristics of a smart, low carbon and resource efficient economy that would enable the UK to lead the global race in the long term and Andrew Raingold, executive director of the Group – an alliance of leader from business, politics and society that drive action for sustainable economy – has described the report as “a wake up call for politicians from all parties”.

The report states: “We believe we are on the verge of a new industrial revolution. The race to create and sell solutions that meet global 21st century needs is well under way. The good news for the UK is that we are in a strong position to lead in many areas and are already reaping the rewards. The danger is that we fall behind in areas where we currently have comparative advantage.”

The report says businesses can contribute to a zero waste economy by developing new consumption models, in which manufacturers or retailers increasingly retain the ownership of their products and, where possible, act as service providers; develop products and services and collaborate at every step of the value chain, adapting an after sales approach to ensure the traceability of components and materials; have more transparent disclosure of material throughput and use annual and sustainability reports to help generate support for a zero waste economy in the investor community; and develop investment vehicles that reward zero waste business models based on their reduced reliance on scarce resources.

You can download the full report here


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