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Europe Recycled Over 65 Billion PET Bottles In 2013

2nd September 2014

EU Waste Targets / member states / PET / Petcore Europe / Plastics Recyclers Europe / Waste And Recycling News


EU Landfill Bans Should Be Implemented Early, Says CEWEP

7th July 2014

CEWEP / EU Commission / EU Waste Targets / Landfill Bans / member states / Recycling Quality


80 Percent Of Europeans Want Their Country To Waste Less

30th June 2014

Attitudes of Europeans towards Waste Management and Resource Efficiency / European Commission / Janez Potočnik / member states / Plastic Waste / Resource Efficiency / Waste And Recycling News


UK Environment Projects Receive £24m Funding Under EU’s LIFE+

1st May 2014

EU Commission / Janez Potočnik / LIFE+ / London Community Resource Network / member states / Shanks Group


European Parliament Vote To Cut Plastic Carrier Bag Waste

17th April 2014

EU / EU Waste Targets / European Parliament / member states / MEPs / Plastic Bag Waste


42% Of EU28 Treated Municipal Waste Was Recycled Or Composted In 2012

25th March 2014

EU / EU Municipal Collected Waste / European Commission / Eurostat / member states / Waste News


Environment Committee Plan To Step Up Illegal Waste Shipment Checks

24th March 2014

EU Commission / Illegal Waste Shipments / member states / Waste Crime / Waste News / Waste Shipment Regulation


Council And Euro Parliament Agree On Updated Waste Shipment Rules

14th March 2014

EU Regulations / European Commission / member states / Permanent Representatives Committee / Waste News / Waste Shipments


Environment MEPs Back Plans To Cut Plastic Bag Waste

12th March 2014

EU Commission / EU legislation / member states / Plastic Bag Levy / Plastic Bag Waste / Waste News


Packaging Recycling Rates Continue To Increase, EUROPEN Report Shows

21st February 2014

EU / European Commission / EUROPEN / member states / Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive / packaging waste


Committee Backs Plan To Step Up Illegal Waste Shipment Checks

28th January 2014

Illegal Waste Shipments / member states / Waste Crime EU Commission


Degradable Plastics Affect Quality Of Recycling Streams, EU Body Finds

2nd December 2013

Degradable Plastics / EU / EuPC / member states / Plastics Recycling


Member States Free To Ban Plastic Bags Under New EU Proposals

4th November 2013

Bag Levy / European Commission / European Parliament / Janez Potočnik / member states / Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive / Plastic Bag Waste


Ship Recycling “Utmost Importance” Against “Substandard” Practice

4th November 2013

International Maritime Organisation / member states / Ship Recycling / The Permanent Representatives Committee


EUROPEN Urges “Realistic” Approach To EU Packaging Targets

29th October 2013

EU Targets / EUROPEN / member states / packaging waste / Unilever


Official Figures Confirm UK “Off Track” For 2020 Renewables Target

25th July 2013

DECC / Keep on Track! / member states / Renewable Energy Association / Renewable Energy Targets


EU Sets Out Roadmap For Member States “Lagging Behind” In Recycling

21st March 2013

EU / Janez Potočnik / member states / Recycling Targets


UK Sees Biggest Increase In Recycling Over Last Decade

21st March 2013

EU / European Environment Agency / member states / UK Recycling Rates

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