Are you ready for the new paradigm in future recycling collection systems and materials quality?

As the UK resources and waste management policy landscape evolves, there is both an increasing drive for better quality recyclate from the supply chain and a growing recognition that cheap collection services will not be the norm when producer funds flow through a new EPR system from 2023. So now is an ideal time to be considering what the evolution of kerbside recycling might look like in terms of core materials, types of container, service provision and most important the quality expectations of these new systems. After all, a key step to delivering a more circular economy is maintaining the supply of high-quality materials for recycling and reprocessing, and in order to deliver this many UK collection systems will need to reassess how they deliver in this new system.

While comingled collections can result in higher participation rates, they are closely linked with lower quality recyclate and higher rates of contamination. By separating recyclables into material specific streams (using separate containers) at source, we can increase recycling volumes and the quality of the materials, reducing the amount of secondary processing required before the materials are sent for treatment.

With material quality and increased recycling a key part of the resources and waste strategy for domestic and commercial collections in the UK, in this webinar we discuss what changes we need to make to collection services, who will be responsible for the communicating this change to households and businesses, and who pays for these changes to be implemented? We hear from local authorities who have already made the change, those handling the materials and those representing the end markets who are expected to drive the new quality agenda.


  • Sarah Ottaway, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK
  • Kristy Spindler, South Gloucestershire
  • Lee Marshall, LARAC
  • Tom Campbell-White, DS Smith Recycling

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