Batteries: a problem that needs solving

The number of fires caused by waste lithium-ion batteries in collection vehicles and at resource and waste management facilities is on the rise. With more electrical items now containing lithium-ion batteries and much of the small waste electrical and electronic items they power still ending up in residual waste, more needs to be done to capture the estimated 320 million portable batteries a year that are not recycled.

This webinar, delivered by Amey in partnership with CIWM, brings together experts and stakeholders from across industry and government and discusses what is needed to ramp up the capture and recycling of small batteries and reduce the risk of waste fires.

Among the challenges discussed are:

  • How to address market failures through a review of Producer Responsibility regulations?
  • How to support domestic recycling markets and circular economy opportunities?
  • How to signpost consumers to ensure point-of-sale and point-of-disposal awareness?


  • John Twitchen, Fellow, CIWM


  • Paco Hevia, MD, Amey Waste Treatment
  • Trevor Nicoll, President, CIWM
  • Jonathan Buston, Principal Scientist, Health & Safety Executive
  • Chris Garbutt, Electrical Quality Engineer Stanley Black & Decker
  • Richard Peagam, Associate Director, Anthesis
  • Paul Hallett, End-of-Life Vehicles Regulation, Defra
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