Reuse: new ways of managing resources and reducing waste

With the UK using 1.2 billion tonnes of materials a year, the equivalent of 18.5 tonnes per person, the need for a circular economy has never been more apparent. Despite this, many of the products currently available to consumers are designed to be replaced or are made in such a way that limits our ability to extend their life through repair or refurbishment.

A key element of the war on waste is prevention, and reuse plays a vital role in this. The redistribution of furniture, tools, books, CDs, DVDs, toys and games to new owners, without reprocessing into different physical forms, is well established in the UK. But, for all the effort and attention given to reuse, it still isn’t a central pillar of Government policy, local authority service provision or, more importantly, modern culture. So, what needs to change, and how are the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan, the new Eco Design Directive, and DEFRA’s Resources and Waste Strategy helping to reposition reuse within society?

Changing perceptions related to reuse is a significant challenge. Second-hand items are often seen as being lower quality, or only for those who can’t afford to buy new. But innovative services, such as Loop, which delivers premium branded products to consumers in reusable packaging which is then collected, cleaned and used again, are starting to make waves. Are these models the future of our packaging and shopping experiences? And how can we expand them from a ‘nice to have’ experience to a core feature of every household’s weekly shop?

In this webinar, we explore all aspects of reuse, including the different models that are being developed and trialled, and how we can bring more of these solutions to homes and high streets in the near future. With discussions focusing on ‘what good can look like’ and ‘how to get there’, this informal webinar examines how current reuse approaches can help deliver a more circular future.



  • Dr Adam Read – External Affairs Director, SUEZ and Senior Vice President, CIWM


  • Steve Clarke – Head of Communitcations, TerraCycle UK
  • Sarah Greenwood – Packaging Technology Expert/ Leader, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures
  • Tracy Sutton Ba (Hons) FRSA – Founder and Lead Expert, Root

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