CIWM Knowledge Centre Content Submission Guidelines


The CIWM Knowledge Centre is designed to provide resources to CIWM members and non-members on a range of topics as they relate to resource and waste management, in various formats, at a range of levels and detail. It is designed to allow members to access detailed and reliable information on specific topics quickly.


Visitors to the CIWM Knowledge Centre are generally waste and resource professionals and therefore have a good understanding of the sector; however, some visitors come from different backgrounds with differing specialisms.


CIWM will consider a wide variety of content types including text, images, presentations with voiceover, podcasts, audio, video etc. CIWM actively encourage creativity and the use of different and engaging formats to present content.

CIWM strategy and values

Content that aligns with CIWM’s strategy and values, and its Framework of Professional Standards will be prioritised for publication on the Knowledge Centre.

Submission guidelines

CIWM will consider content of various types, lengths and styles. For a size guide please see the suggested word counts and recommended lengths below:

  • Webinars/Videos: 0.5 – 1 hour
  • Audio/podcast: 5-30 minutes
  • Articles:
    • Please submit articles as plain text.
    • 600-800 words for a typical article, interview or topic overview.
    • 800-1300 words for how-tos, detailed topic overviews or more in-depth articles.
    • If your article is longer than 500 words, please use subheadings.
  • Interviews: In a question and answer format or in article format.
  • Infographic: Eye catching design and clear layout, with concise text/information.

Please note sales or advertorial material will not be accepted.

If your piece is opinion-based or presents just one side of an argument, this must be clearly stated.


  • Please submit one image to be used as the feature image – which needs to be 1000px x 600px.
  • Other images can also be included in your article including graphs.
  • Tables can be included in the content to present information.
  • Please save all images as files in PNG format and attach these to your submission email. Use descriptive terms when saving your content and images, and include the file name in your content where you want this image to appear.
  • For all images please include attribution information confirming you have permission to use the image and where it is sourced from.


  • Please submit a very short person specification/biography for all authors involved in creating the content.

If your article (or a version of your article) has already been published elsewhere, please let us know. Generally, we publish original content, but we will consider reprinting articles or running a revised version of content.

If your article needs to be reviewed or removed by a certain date, please state this clearly.

Draft/proposal submission

Please send your submission draft or proposal by email to with the subject header: CIWM Knowledge Centre submission. Your submission will be reviewed, and you will receive a response detailing the next steps.

Please indicate which categories your content would feature in from the following list:

  • Circular Economy
  • Collection and Transport
  • Environment and Energy
  • Health and Safety
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Professional Development
  • Resource Management
  • Sustainability
  • Treatment and Recovery

Additionally, remember to include two or three keywords with your submission briefly summarising the content e.g. recycling, local authority, collection.


Peer review

Submitted content must be peer reviewed by at least one professional, independent reviewer. For example, a Chartered Waste Manager not connected to the content; Chartered Member of CIPD, IOSH, ICE, CIWEM, IMechE, IEMA etc. We can assist with providing an independent reviewer if you are unable to source someone.

CIWM review

Once you have submitted your content it will be reviewed internally by CIWM.

Additional notes

  • Content must be written and verbally recorded in English.
  • Spell out acronyms the first time they are used.
  • Include any acknowledgements and references at the end on the article.
  • Consider providing additional material which can be attached to the content including articles explaining advanced concepts, and links to other related articles or content.
  • CIWM retains the right to reject content.
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