CIWM UK and Ireland policy roundup

As a fundamental part of our mission to influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste, CIWM works across Ireland and the UK to engage with and support the development of resource and waste management policy, champion professional standards and good practice, and keep our members informed and up to date on the key issues relevant to our sector.

As part of this, CIWM produces a member-only policy update each quarter. This briefly describes recent policy activity by the five UK and Ireland governments and their agencies relevant to the resource and waste management sector.

For more information on becoming a CIWM member, visit our membership pages.

Updates are likely to cover:

  • Brexit (UK, Ireland)
  • Resources & Waste Strategies (UK)
  • Packaging, Plastics Deposit Return Schemes (UK, ROI)
  • Plastics (EU, UK, ROI)
  • Deposit Return Schemes (UK)
  • National Infrastructure Assessment (England)
  • Environmental Principles & Governance consultation and the Environment Bill (England)
  • China Import Restrictions (Ireland, UK)
  • Waste Crime (England)
  • Biofuels (England)
  • Circular Economy (EU)
  • Waste & Recycling Statistics (UK)
  • Health & Safety (UK)
  • Litter (England)
  • Recycling & Waste Prevention (England)
  • Ocean plastics
  • Regulatory Policy & Guidance (EU, UK)

Policy round-ups 2018

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