Contributor Guidelines

  • Voice, tone and style
  • Word count and formatting requirements
  • Examples
  • Images
  • Links and author bio

Voice, Tone & Style

For contributors to Circular Online, there isn’t a set writing style we want to read. As long as it features your valuable insight, then we want to publish your contribution.

We also want to hear your voice when we read your contribution. If style varies between our articles, that’s great.

In terms of a set tone-of-voice, set out to be factual, professional and opinionated.

Word count and formatting requirements

Word Count for standard features and opinions: 800-1500

Formatting: 11 font size and spacing

Please also begin your article with a brief standfirst (one sentence) that introduces what you’re writing about.



We love to include unique images alongside our articles. Please send over any images you think would work in the article.


Please insert any links you want to share in the main body of text rather than as footnotes.

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