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Bollegraaf was founded in 1961 as Machinefabriek en Plaatsnijbedrijf
H. Bollegraaf
. Founder Hartog Bollegraaf was a car dismantler and trader in scrap metal, but was born with a love for making things. He started producing vertical balers, and built a reputation for the highest quality machinery.

Developing the technology with sustainability in mind, the range grew from vertical, via semi-automatic to the current fully automatic baler with a pre-press flap. The concept quickly took root and Bollegraaf developed from a single Dutch business into a multinational company.

In 1989 Heiman Bollegraaf took over the business from his father. Under his direction, during the 1990s and the first ten years of this century, Bollegraaf became a global player in recycling and waste processing equipment, with expertise in complete state-of-the-art recycling installations. As his retirement approached, Heiman Bollegraaf sold a majority of the shares to ABN AMRO Participaties in 2015.

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