Coastal Recycling
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Coastal Recycling

• Units 1 & 2, Mulberry Court, Lustleigh Close, Marsh Barton, Exeter, , EX2 8PW,


Employing more than 140 people, the Devon based Coastal Group has provided recycling and waste management services for over 40 years and is a leader in non-hazardous waste recovery, re-use and recycling, processing recycling and waste management solutions for both a diverse portfolio of local commercial businesses and high profile, large-scale public-sector contracts.

Coastal handles over 200,000 tonnes of waste material every year, operating out of three sites across Devon recycling construction and demolition, commercial and industrial waste and domestic household waste.

The Coastal Group also includes Coastal Organics which is Devon’s largest recycler of green materials. Every year more than 50,000 tonnes of compost is created from green garden waste that is collected and processed from all over the region. The Group currently works with over 20 farms across Devon to produce an organic soil conditioner for farmland and fields as an environmentally beneficial alternative to sewage sludge or chemical fertilisers.

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