Alfred H Knight
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Alfred H Knight

Unit 1 Palmermount Industrial Estate, Bypass Road,, Dundonald,, KA2 9BL, Kilmarnock


We enable trade by providing trust and certainty throughout the global supply chain.

As a leading provider of inspection and testing services for the metals, minerals and solid fuels industries, Alfred H Knight provides specialist services including Waste Acceptance Criteria testing, Sampling, Chemical Analysis and Compositional Analysis of waste and other commodities.

Established in 1881, currently 5th generation, AHK operates in more than 40 countries with a well-earned reputation for providing reliable, professional services. We represent our clients at crucial points in the logistics chain, including during collection, processing and at receiving works.  Our network of laboratories and offices have been strategically positioned to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, complemented by fast, accurate communication.

We maintain rigorous quality standards to ensure that our operations provide the highest level of services to our clients. We achieve this through compliance with industry standards and regulations for laboratory, inspection and quality management, including ISO: IEC 17025, 17020 and 9001.


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