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Mitie Waste & Environmental

Mitie Waste & Environmental Ltd 1st Floor, Block C, The Chocolate Factory, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2GN, , ,


Mitie’s Waste management business is one of the UK’s most innovative and forward-thinking resource management companies. We take a sustainability-led ‘resource not waste’ approach, ensuring we understand how waste is created and then looking at how to avoid producing it in the first place.

Our business model is simple, yet challenges industry norms, as we don’t operate our own waste facilities or vehicles. Instead, we draw upon our pre-approved supplier base to carry out the physical collections and re-processing of our clients’ waste.

This means we are under no pressure to maintain, or increase, waste volumes to sustain our own disposal sites. This means our sole focus is to work in partnership with our clients to identify cost efficiencies and implement best practice waste and environmental services.

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