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NTM House, Whitehouse Road, Kidderminster, DY10 1HT, Worcestershire


Founded in 1950 by Lennart Nordin, AB Narpes Tra Och Metall (NTM) is an engineering company that develops, manufactures, sells and maintains refuse and recycling collection vehicles and trailers. NTM bodies are a firm favourite in both the public and private sector for residual and recycling waste application, offering customers quality and reliability in its vehicles resulting in low life cycle costs and following success in the Nordic and Baltic regions NTM decided to bring their experience to the UK market place.

In 2003, NTM-GB  Ltd was created and quickly became a market leader in the supply of compaction and non-compaction refuse and recycling collection vehicles by offering customers bespoke body solutions to suit their specific needs.

After 8 years of successful business, NTM-GB acquired the British firm ‘LinkTip’ who specialised in tipping equipment and smaller refuse solutions. After 12 years of growth in the Shrewsbury and Willenhall areas, NTM-GB relocated to a larger factory in Kidderminster in 2015, where NTM-GB’s quality vehicles are now manufactured, assembled and maintained and NTM employ over 80 members of staff.

NTM continues to develop its extensive product portfolio, most recently in a collaboration with Italian firm Cappellotto, a manufacturer of high quality vacuum tankers, jetters, and excavators.

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