Palm Recycling Ltd
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Palm Recycling Ltd

Poplar Avenue, Saddlebow Industrial Estate, Norfolk, PE34 3AL,


Palm Recycling is responsible for supplying the total fibre requirements of Palm’s UK Paper Mill based in King’s Lynn Norfolk which recycles approximately 500,000(t)pa of recovered fibre each year.

To supply this mill Palm Recycling currently purchases News and Pam, Over issues Grades and Mixed papers. Mixed papers are sorted on site at its state of the art fully automated paper separation plant.

As a direct re-processors in the UK Palm Recycling’s vision is to provide a reliable, cost-effective, long-term sustainable solution for our customers recycled fibre needs, by providing a circular approach to the recycling of fibre in the UK. This is achieved through working with our customers, who include local authorities, waste management companies, and pressrooms to maximise recyclable fibre value, producing a high-quality product that can be used directly in our recycling processes.

Palm Recycling have a dedicated team, who can provide support on how to maximise recycled fibre quality, offer bespoke solutions for our customers’ recycling needs, and provide guidance and recycling solutions. Palm’s  aim is to provide value to all our suppliers through our extensive industry expertise and knowledge, as we are a direct re-processor. Providing contracts for the direct purchase of recyclable materials, we deliver fibre separation solutions across the UK working to increase the UK’s recycling rate.

Note: Palm Recycling is part of the Palm Group which was established in 1872 and is one of the leading companies in the European paper industry. The Palm Group is divided into Papierfabrik Palm with its 5 paper mills for the manufacture of paper and Palm Packaging Group with 28 plants for the manufacture of corrugated board. Recycling 2.3million tonnes of recovered fibre each year.


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