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Moorgate Road, Deacon Park, , Liverpool, L33 7RX, Merseyside


SugaRecycle represents the Total Waste Management (TWM) arm of the SugaRich Group of companies. This comprehensive service is specifically designed to enable customers to concentrate on their core business by eliminating the need for multiple contractors with a convenient single point of contact and dedicated account management.

Aside from the obvious logistic and commercial advantages, Total Waste Management allows customers to fully comply with their legal requirements such as Duty of Care and display a responsible attitude towards waste disposal that can only enhance their corporate image.

Working primarily with food factories, SugaRecycle delivers innovative and tailor made solutions for the collection, recycling and disposal of waste material. SugaRecycle collects and recycles in excess of 450 tonnes of cardboard and plastics per month from their TWM customer base. This enables us to leverage scale and generate the best possible return for our customers.

From its head office in Knowsley, SugaRecycle also provides a one-stop-shop for the disposal of all other recyclable, non-recyclable and hazardous wastes through working with local and national service providers. Where possible, SugaRecycle will look for the most environmentally friendly, recyclable route for waste by adopting the waste hierarchy and removing landfill as a route for disposal.

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