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DMG Eco, Suite 18, Edwin Foden Business Centre, Moss Lane, Sandbach, CW11 3AE,


DMG Eco set out to help any business, regardless of size or location, to create a sustainable and responsible operations environment which takes into account carbon reduction and environmental challenges. This, in turn, will help to reduce the environmental impact of a businesses products and services.

The circular economy should be at the centre of any businesses procurement and financial drivers. The impact of the circular economy on the bottom line of a business revenue forecast cannot be understated. The circular economy is a managed supply chain process, it supports carbon reduction through material choices in the production process, it identifies how materials can be reused without having to have them sent for disposal to landfill. It supports the UK economy and UK business by reusing and recycling material for other uses in the supply chain process. It makes efficiency savings in fiscal and carbon off setting terms. This process has a direct effect on Sustainability.

DMG Eco is currently working with the following areas of the Amazon UK businesses, Amazon Logistics, Amazon Prime Now & Amazon Fresh. DMG Eco manage all the waste streams across 42 sites in the UK for Amazon. DMG Eco delivered and innovative solution using proprietary software to support the accurate and up to date waste management information and carbon information. DMG are involved in the renewable energy and residual derived fuel sectors along with IT development of specific applications related to service delivery. DMG Eco employ 55 members of staff across the UK and can offer a logistics service to local businesses from our office located in Alsager.

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