Episode 3: Scotland’s Circular Horizons: Innovating Beyond Waste

Join us on the Beyond Waste podcast as we delve into Scotland’s pioneering journey towards a circular economy.

In this episode, we welcome Fleur Ruckley and Dr Michael Groves from Topolytics, alongside Barry O’Kane of HappyPorch, to explore the vibrant intersection of technology and sustainability within Scotland’s circular economy.

Discover how Scotland not only champions this innovative economic model with a dedicated minister but also nurtures a flourishing start-up scene, leveraging Scottish Enterprise funding and harnessing ideas straight from the nation’s universities and businesses.

We’ll discuss the strategic move beyond traditional recycling paradigms, highlight exciting use-cases, and the role of awareness in the growth of this sector.

Ahead of this year’s Festival of Circular Economy, we’ll also reflect on the overlapping themes of material fate and the breadth of possibilities that lie ahead.


  • Fleur Ruckley, Topolytics
  • Dr Michael Groves, Topolytics
  • Barry O’Kane, HappyPorch

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