Assessing risk in engineering, work and life.

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The course applies assessing risk in the context of an engineering environment.  However, it is not sector specific and although it uses case studies these are all relevant and the learning can be applied to the waste and resource sector. It does reference waste management and discusses risk in relation to environmental pollution and everyday life.

It looks at the how multiple causes can have a domino effect resulting in accidents and also about the importance of communication.

There is a section which is covers probabilities but if you are not mathematical the activities explain it well (and they do provide the answers).

Overall it is a useful look at assessing risk, either as an introduction or a useful reminder.

OU Course Summary (from the Open Learn course description):

Risk is something that must be taken into account at all times when practicing as an engineer.  We accept risk as part of everyday life so there is a need to balance the risks of an activity against the benefits that it brings.  This free course, Assessing risk in engineering, work and life, investigates how we can manage risks at work, in the home and in the wider community.  Risk is tied in with accidents, so it is vital to understand how accidents arise, how likely they are to occur and how they can be prevented.

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Assessing risk in engineering, work and life

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