Motivate staff to become resource efficient

SMEs can now motivate staff to become resource efficient with free communication materials from Resource Efficient Scotland.

We all know that installing energy efficiency measures, such as upgrading lighting or insulation, can help reduce resource use and save money. Yet, despite all these improvements, many businesses still aren’t where they need to be in terms of resource efficiency.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to improving an organisation’s resource efficiency. When push comes to shove, simply changing to new LED lights won’t keep your business’s energy bill down – it needs the cooperation of your staff to achieve that.

Engaging staff to adopt better behaviours is a critical component to achieving notable and long-lasting energy savings. However, all too often, businesses are used to working in silos, which makes it hard to deliver clear communications throughout their organisations.

Commitment from senior management can help overcome this hurdle as it provides a leadership role and a clear sign that will trickle through the company. Senior management will also help with the business’s communication efforts, making sure all messaging is comprehensive and seen by all employees.

Since its launch in 2013, Resource Efficient Scotland has been supporting businesses to reduce costs by saving energy, reducing water use and minimising waste generation. Over these years, it has been found that the best way to become resource efficient and save money is through consistent staff engagement.

Evidence of this is shown at UK law firm, Shoosmiths LLP. The firm aspired to be recognised by all stakeholders as an organisation that strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and reduce its gas and electricity consumption by 3% year on year. To meet those targets the firm decided to get staff actively engaged within resource efficiency and make it part of the company’s ethos.

Shoosmiths started to communicate with staff about resource efficiency and included a resource efficiency section in their induction process for new starters. To maintain momentum, staff are trained on the firm’s approach to environmental management and the role they play. Comprehensive and on-going learning continues within the organisation through seminars, workshops, and online learning.

Further evidence supporting the success of staff engagement is conveyed at community club, Edinburgh Leisure. The business saved £41k on operation costs thanks to behaviour change. This demonstrates how sustained reductions in resource use can be achieved by setting a clear plan for implementing resource efficiency improvements and increasing staff engagement to motivate them into taking part.

This is why sector-specific packs have been designed that contain a range of eye-catching posters, stickers, thermometers and other communication materials to help businesses encourage their staff to become more resource efficient. There are three to choose from:

  • Office Pack – ideal for any business with office staff.
  • Hospitality Pack – perfect for engaging guests and staff in small hotels, B&Bs and self-catering accommodation.
  • Retail Pack – handy for engaging staff in retail outlets.

These materials are available to Scottish small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for free and can be ordered through the Resource Efficient Scotland website. Request your pack while stocks last.

If you’re a Scottish SME, Resource Efficient Scotland can provide you with free support and funding to help your business reduce resource use and save money, just contact one their expert advisors today on 0808 808 2268 or email them,

Resource Efficient Scotland’s support is funded by the Scottish Government and by the European Regional Development Fund through the £73 million Resource Efficiency Circular Economy Accelerator Programme.

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