93% of UK adults want companies to do more to protect the environment 

Can recycling

New research from not-for-profit, Every Can Counts, shows 93% of UK adults want businesses to do more to protect the environment, with the focus on companies improving the recyclability of their packaging.

Recycling not-for-profit Every Can Counts have published consumer research that includes stats showing people’s views on recycling and companies’ responsibility to improve packaging recyclability.

According to the research, 91% of people believe that firms should be held responsible for the packaging they select. Comparatively, 65% believe consumers should be held responsible for the packaging they buy, proving that it is businesses that are being held accountable for making a change.

67% of people surveyed say they always recycle their drink cans when at home.

Every Can Counts says it commissioned the research to coincide with its International Recycling Tour which will take place in 17 countries to mark World Environment Day, aiming to raise awareness of drink can recycling and encourage people to keep public outdoor spaces clean.

Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, Chris Latham-Warde, said: “Drink cans are infinitely recyclable. This is the main message of our International Recycling Tour and the reason why we are working to inspire behaviour change and help reach 100% can recycling in Europe and beyond.

“This ambitious target can only be reached if consumers, brands, event organisers and local communities join forces to recycle every drink can, working together to build a more sustainable planet.”

Every Can Counts says the International Recycling Tour’s goal is to remind people that keeping public outdoor spaces clean is a collaborative effort. Small everyday acts, like proper waste disposal, can help the world move towards a more sustainable living and a healthier planet.

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