A Plastic Planet calls for household bins to be banned by 2030


Household bin

Environmental solutions group A Plastic Planet has called for a ban on household bins by 2030, calling black bin bags our “symbol of shame”.

Sian Sutherland, the group’s co-founder, says improvements to recycling collection rates cover-up “continued failure” to recycle waste. Sutherland argues that a “waste revolution” is needed where bins are banned in favour of a reuse model.

New polling conducted by A Plastic Planet revealed 74% of respondents want the UK government to force industry to create products and packaging that can be reused.

The black bin bag should be seen as our symbol of shame.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned by A Plastic Planet and conducted by Yonder, also found that 76% of survey respondents would return their packaging to shops if it was easy to do.

In an opinion piece, Sutherland said: “We throw waste away into one of three or more bins and never think about it again, trusting it will have a good end. But there are countless reports of UK waste that we think will be recycled actually being shipped off to faraway lands or just incinerated, all producing toxic chemicals that pollute our planet and poison our bodies.

“The black bin bag should be seen as our symbol of shame: the embodiment of our take, make and throwaway culture. I have come to a conclusion many people won’t like: it’s time to ban the bin. Government could put industry on notice that there will be no more ‘general waste’ collections at all by 2030. 

“We should only collect stuff that is actually going to be recycled in the UK – food waste and some materials, but all other non-recyclable items would have to be produced on a reuse model.”

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