Attracting new talent into “green careers” essential

Attracting new talent to the resources and waste sector is “essential”, according to the newly inaugurated CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) President, Trevor Nicoll, as a new toolkit has been launched to promote green jobs to students.

Speaking at his presidential inauguration today (12 Nov) at the Guildhall in Cambridge, Trevor Nicoll highlighted the importance of supporting skills and professional development across the resources and waste sector.

With the core resources and waste sector employing over 150,000 people and more than 600,000 jobs anticipated in the wider circular economy by 2030, Trevor said that attracting new talent into the sector is essential.

Will you be part of a sector that has so much to contribute to building a more sustainable and healthy future?

“We need to ask the next generation some questions,” he said. “Will you be part of a sector that has so much to contribute to building a more sustainable and healthy future?

“Will you be part of a sector that will manage the valuable resources in our waste to protect our landscapes and our oceans?

“Would you like to be part of a bigger family that has a really important task ahead to help tackle climate change and reduce marine plastics pollution?

“Will you help to create a more circular economy to reduce consumption of the earth’s finite resources?”

Green Careers Toolkit

Outlining CIWM’s response to these twin priorities, Trevor launched his presidential report, which this year is a new “Green Careers Toolkit” developed to inspire students in secondary schools and colleges by showcasing the range, relevance and diversity of jobs in the sector.

Developed for CIWM by Global Action Plan, the toolkit includes career profiles, information on the sector and the key policies that are shaping it, teaching and learning activities for teachers, and specific curriculum links to subjects including Science, Geography and Business Studies.

The toolkit will be one of the first resources to be hosted on a new teacher platform called ‘Transform Our World’ – a free online resource hub for teachers to bring environmental action into the classroom.

The online hub will be launched in the New Year and the careers toolkit will also be hosted on CIWM’s Knowledge Centre.

Luke Wynne, Head of Youth and Schools at Global Action Plan said: “It has been great to work with CIWM and explore the different green career opportunities within the waste and RM industry.

“We’re excited to have created a resource that aims to encourage young people from across the country to understand the opportunities available to them to pursue a career with purpose in this sector.”

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