Carlsberg targets “ZERO packaging waste” in new ESG programme


Carlsberg Group has launched its new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programme, which includes a target to achieve zero waste packaging.

With the launch of Carlsberg Group’s new ESG programme Together Towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB), the company says it has laid out a roadmap to address its most material ESG topics with milestones in 2030 and 2040.

With our new targets we support an industry transformation towards more sustainable business practices.

The Group says it has also added targets to achieve a ZERO Farming Footprint and ZERO Packaging Waste. Currently, Carlsberg says carbon impacts associated with agriculture and the processing of raw materials, as well as the production and disposal of packaging, together amount to more than 65% of total beer-in-hand emissions.

The programme has been launched alongside Together Towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB) which contains updated targets and new focus areas. Carlsberg Group says the TTZAB is an evolution of its previous ESG programme Together Towards ZERO (TTZ), which it says has delivered strong progress, including a 40% reduction in carbon emissions and a 21% reduction in water use per hectolitre of beer since 2015.

Carlsberg says the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices – which enhance biodiversity, soil health, and natural carbon sequestration on farmlands – alongside the implementation of circular packaging solutions, will enable critical carbon reductions, from growing barley to recycling bottles and cans.

Carlsberg says TTZAB is an evolution of the Group’s previous ESG programme, Together Towards ZERO (TTZ), and maintains focus on the areas in which the company has the most material impact.

CarlsbergSenior Director Group ESG at Carlsberg Group, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, said: “With our new targets we support an industry transformation towards more sustainable business practices through, for example, shifts in farming practices, sourcing procedures, and product design, as well as the scaling-up of efficient deposit return schemes.

“Across all our ESG focus areas, we will continue improving our performance, while increasing disclosure and transparency for all our stakeholders. We will continue to tackle these challenges through a sustained focus on partnerships with suppliers and partners.”

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