Consumers shift to metal packaging because of cost-of-living, survey shows

Tin cans

A new survey by Eviosys shows that 72% of consumers will not trade off sustainability even as inflation worries loom.

Eviosys says that 68% of respondents knew that metal packaging is infinitely recyclable and, knowing that, 85% said they would be more likely to buy a product in metal packaging.

A quarter of people (28%) think buying canned food is an effective way to save money and 40% say they will buy more tinned food as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Eviosys says the new data shows that despite the rising cost of living, the majority of western Europeans (61%) would still consider paying more for sustainably packaged products.

The company says it surveyed 2000 Europeans in the UK, France, Germany and Spain to get the latest information on consumer priorities in this time of economic uncertainty.

Consumers are not abandoning their stances on plastic pollution, climate change and the environment.

Because of the scale of inflation, Eviosys says consumers are already changing their behaviours, with 72% saying they won’t compromise on sustainability and 38% of consumers are planning a smaller Christmas (UK 43%, Germany 31%, Spain 42%, France 35%).

30% plan to buy smaller gifts, like limited edition chocolates and candies (UK 22%, Germany 33%, Spain 52%, France 13%), which Eviosys says satisfies the balance of cost with sustainability as these often come packaged in metal containers.

73% of respondents don’t think companies are doing enough to tackle plastic pollution. While 70% of Europeans said they cared about the type of packaging available to them.

Chief Commercial Officer, Eviosys, Olivier Aubry, said: “This survey confirms Eviosys is making the right choices by investing in sustainability, transforming our company to lead by example, with the dedication of all Eviosys employees but also in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

“Consumers are not abandoning their stances on plastic pollution, climate change and the environment. Tinned food can be an answer to many pressing issues at once.”

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