Gas-Powered Vans Chosen By Veolia For Camden Contract

IVECO has supplied three Daily Natural Power to Veolia to carry specialist equipment for removing graffiti, as part of its new contract with the London Borough of Camden.

Supplied by IVECO dealer, Northern Commercials, the Daily Natural Power light commercials feature purpose-built spark ignition engines, which deliver performance comparable to a diesel in terms of power, torque and response, VECO explained. Running on compressed natural gas (CNG) means they produce 12 percent fewer NOx emissions, 76 percent less particulate matter and up to 95 percent less COemissions using bio-methane.

The vehicles will be in operation whenever demanded and are also approximately 50 percent quieter than their diesel equivalents; they will refuel from Veolia’s brand new CNG refuelling station situated at its Alperton depot, which was built to service all the CNG vehicles in the Camden fleet.

Andrew Hope, Fleet Development Manager at Veolia, says: “Emissions reduction was a critical factor in Veolia’s decision making for this vehicle so the availability of a cost-effective CNG engine made the Daily our first choice when specifying the panel van. The team at Northern Commercials were great to work with and IVECO built the vehicles within the required time frame.”



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