Government to publish independent assessment of road litter

An independent report into England’s road cleanliness will be published by the Government later this year.

The review of the state of England’s roadsides is a part of the Government’s litter strategy as it today (7 Oct) publishes its annual update. The update shows progress against the commitments set out in the strategy, and identifies further actions.

Key achievements this past year include the launch of the new national anti-littering campaign; exploring how best to recognise the voluntary contributions made by individuals to tackling litter; the completion of an independent assessment of road cleanliness; and rolling out the second round of the Litter Innovation Fund.

We have also begun new work on the forthcoming Environment Bill, which will include further measures relating to litter

Government says it has also been working towards publication of improved enforcement guidance.

Of the 36 actions outlined in the “taking up responsibility” section of the Strategy, four have been completed, twenty eight are now in progress, and two have yet to start.

“We have been unable to obtain an update in time for publication on two actions that are with a third party for completion,” the report states, and eight remain behind the original schedule.

“We have also begun new work on the forthcoming Environment Bill,” it states, “which will include further measures relating to litter.”

Road cleanliness

The survey of road cleanliness on the parts of the strategic road network which local councils are responsible for litter-picking was carried out during 2018.

The results have now been sent to the relevant councils for comment, and their responses will help inform Government’s understanding of the barriers to effective cleansing on the network.

In June 2018, Highways England ran a trial where ‘funnel’ bins at car and lorry-height were installed at the Roadchef Motorway Service Area, in order to test whether they reduce littering. T

These bins are specially designed to make it easy to dispose of litter when leaving the service area.

Following a successful trial that showed a reduction in littering by 25%. Highways England has continued to roll out the installation of funnel-bins at two further Motorway Service Areas (MSA).

The extension of installations has had a positive effect on tackling littering on-site and on the on-slips of the MSA, with the number of bags of litter collected on the on-slips reduced by 47%.

Interviews with MSA staff and the on-site facilities team support these findings, with most of those interviewed perceiving an observed reduction in litter.

Highways England will continue to work with all MSA operators to identify locations that are suitable for these types of infrastructure.

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