Guidance Published On Scotland’s Impending Landfill Ban

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has published guidance on Soctland’s impending biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) ban.

From 1 Jan 2021, landfill operators in Scotland will be prohibited from accepting BMW for disposal at any landfill site.

A new document has now been published with an aim of providing guidance on the ban. It describes BMW, why it will be banned, how to decide if a waste is caught by the ban and how the ban will be implemented.

According to SEPA, the purpose of the ban is:

  • to reduce the amount of waste landfilled by directing residual waste to alternative treatment.
  • to extract any remaining resource value from the residual waste stream.
  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which result from landfilling biodegradable waste.

BMW includes biodegradable household waste together with biodegradable waste which is similar to household waste such as, for example, waste from the retail and hospitality sectors.

It also includes residual waste and other mixed municipal wastes collected from households and commercial businesses.

The guidance aims to helps stakeholders understand what is classed as “biodegradable municipal waste”, how to decide if waste is biodegradable municipal waste, what treatment options are available and how the ban will be implemented.

For the full guidance CLICK HERE

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