James Cropper Partners With Hallmark On Card Collection Made From Upcycled Coffee Cups

In a creative expression of circular economy, James Cropper has transformed disposable coffee cups and responsibly-sourced paper pulp into a new card collection designed by Hallmark.

The latest collaboration sees James Cropper’s CupCycling facility – the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling take-away cups – used to create an example of what can be produced from coffee cup waste. The project will help to reduce some of the 2.5 billion take-away cups that are estimated to be thrown away in the UK each year.

Steve Adams, Managing Director at James Cropper, said, “Transforming a morning latte into a beautifully-designed and positive sentiment really captures the spirit of CupCycling; a second life for coffee cups can often be more compelling and longer-lasting than its first.

“This partnership demonstrates the value that this precious raw material has, and how it can produce truly creative outcomes, setting a high benchmark for outstanding circular design.”

Following work with the likes of Selfridges, Costa and McDonald’s, the collaboration further demonstrates James Cropper’s belief that creative partnerships are a way of tackling the waste issues the UK, and the world, faces today.

“To date, we have recycled over 100 million coffee cups at our CupCycling facility. However, for anyone wanting to follow in Hallmark’s footsteps, we have the capacity to convert 500 million per year into papers for packaging in all colours,” said Adams.

Alison Murnane, at Hallmark Cards, said, “We already make Hallmark cards from responsibly sourced paper, so we were delighted to work with James Cropper to help drive forward another sustainable way to make an impact by taking some of the today’s waste and turning it into a beautiful card that creates a lasting moment for tomorrow.”

In stores from October 2019, the cards and envelopes in the collection are 100% recyclable. Comprising 44 cards, designed within boutique collections, the range allows shoppers to choose the perfect card to express their sentiment in a way that is considered in both style and caring for the environment.

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