L’Oréal and Net Zero Now launch Net Zero Salons programme

Net zero salons

L’Oréal says it has partnered with Net Zero Now, the climate action platform, to develop the “industry-first initiative”, the Net Zero Salons Programme.

The Programme, which is open to salons across the UK and Ireland, enables hair salons to embark on the journey to Net Zero, L’Oréal says.

The Net Zero Salons Programme guides salons through the process of calculating, tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through “tailored carbon reduction plans”, with the ambition of certifying it as a “Net Zero Salon,” L’Oréal says.

L’Oréal says the Programme was developed by Net Zero Now in partnership with the French company and is based on a salon-specific roadmap and tool for measuring, tracking, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recent L’Oréal surveys found that 43% of British women wanted to see their salon doing more to be sustainable, and 23% said they now expect a beauty or wellness service provider to be committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

We are committed to supporting the future of the sector.

The programme aims to make the journey to becoming a “Net Zero Salon” accessible for all salons by providing personalised and actionable recommendations, L’Oréal says.

The recommendations include switching to renewable energy and becoming more energy efficient, improving waste treatment and management and reducing water consumption and heating, as well as incentivising employees with ride-to-work schemes or encouraging public transport options.

Thierry Cheval, Managing Director, L’Oréal UK & Ireland said: “As market leaders, we recognise the important role we play in empowering our business ecosystem such as our salon partners to be more sustainable.

“We are committed to supporting the future of the sector and we look forward to having salons from across the UK and Ireland join the programme as the industry seeks to take climate reduction action.”

The Net Zero Salons Programme is part of L’Oréal Groupe’s wider 2030 sustainability roadmap, L’Oréal For The Future, a set of measurable targets on climate, water, biodiversity and natural resources.

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