New era begins for the Green Compass Scheme

The Green Compass Scheme has been operating throughout the UK since 2015, and provides the only means of gaining UKAS accredited certification to PAS 402 : 2013 “Waste resource management – Specification for performance reporting”.

The scheme is on the brink of a new phase thanks to the financial support of a number of new shareholders .

Construction Waste Portal Limited, Encore Environment Limited, Go Green Limited , Harmony Environmental Limited, Powerday Plc, United Resource Operators Consortium Limited, Williams a Williams cyf, and two private investors – Mr J Logan and Ms J, Watts-Thomas are the new shareholders all of whom have long-standing interests in the resource management sector and have joined forces to provide financial backing to allow the scheme to take two major steps forward.

The Green Compass Scheme is now sponsoring a review of PAS 402 and at the same time is undertaking a complete re-design of the Green Compass Website.

The review of PAS 402 is will reflect the significant changes that have taken place in the last decade. The new website will provide a far more efficient access to membership for  waste management companies who are seeking to join the scheme.

Green Compass Managing Director, Paul Jennings says: “The investment presents a huge opportunity and with the active support of the new shareholders we are confident that PAS 402 will gain the increased recognition that it merits, and in a very short time will become the standard by which the resource management industry is measured.”

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