Re-Cycling: Alupro Spreads Its “On The Go” Recycling Message

Drink can recycling campaign, Every Can Counts, has become the 2018 Recycling Partner for both the OVO Energy Women’s Tour and the OVO Energy Tour Series events, as it strives to spread the message about recycling “on the go” to both competitive and recreational cyclists across the UK.

The Every Can Counts campaign, run by Alupro, is committed to encouraging people to recycle their drinks cans when they are out and about. It is working with SweetSpot Group, the organisation behind both the OVO Energy Women’s Tour and OVO Energy Tour Series cycling events, to help provide its audience with an environmentally friendly outlook.

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of Alupro, said: “We are increasingly aware that recycling packaging is something simple we can all do to help protect the environment. Collectively, the women’s stage race and the event series attracted over half a million visitors in 2017 and with higher audience figures expected this year; it gives us a great platform to shout about the benefits of recycling aluminium packaging and the Every Can Counts programme.”

With 47% of cans being drunk “on the go” and outside of the home, Alupro sees both these events as an ideal opportunity to encourage and educate the general public, cyclists and cycling fans, on re-“cycling” their aluminium goods.

“If every person that attended these events last year, recycled just one aluminium can, then that would see a reduction of 72 tonnes in CO2, which is the equivalent to a car driving 347,618 kilometres. To put that into perspective – that’s like driving the total distance of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour (678km over five stages) 513 times over,” Rick added.

Heath Harvey, CEO of SweetSpot, added: “The environmental benefits of both cycling and recycling need little explanation, so it makes perfect sense for the OVO Energy Women’s Tour and OVO Energy Tour Series to partner with Every Can Counts.

“We’re looking forward to working with Every Can Counts to promote the invaluable messages of their campaign; we hope that our enthusiastic racegoers will embrace their collective aims and do their bit to help the environment.”

In addition to branding and drinks cans recycling point set-ups at each stage of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour and the OVO Energy Tour Series – the Every Can Counts team will be attending the following events with their Recycle Race Game:

15th June – OVO Energy Women’s Tour Finish Stage 3 (Royal Leamington Spa)

16th June – OVO Energy Women’s Tour Finish Stage 4 (Worcester)

May 10th – Tour Series Round 1 (Redditch)

May 26th – Tour Series Round 5 (Aberystwyth)

May 28th – Tour Series Round 6 (Stevenage)

May 29th – Tour Series Round 7 (Wembley Park)



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