Shapps calls for closer energy collaboration between UK and US on visit


Solar panels in California

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps said the UK will join President Biden’s Carbon Management Challenge, on a four-day visit to the US this week.

The government says the UK will back the President’s drive to remove and store global carbon emissions and forge closer links with the United States on energy security. The Challenge encourages countries to rapidly cut emissions and develop removal technologies to capture CO2 and store it deep underground.

As part of the visit, Shapps is meeting senior members of the Biden administration, including Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in Washington D.C. and key figures such as California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The UK government says collaboration between the two countries will include working together on clean and renewable technologies to cut household bills, and reducing the need for foreign fossil fuels. The UK government said they also aimed to push Russia out of the global energy market and described Vladimir Putin as a “tyrant”.

Today (18 May) in California, the Energy Security Secretary is due to meet Governor Gavin Newsom and Secretary for Environmental Protection Yana Garcia. The UK government says Shapps is expected to discuss how the UK and California can work closer together on clean technologies.

By supporting President Biden’s Carbon Management Challenge we are taking a step closer to realising our huge potential.

In Washington D.C. yesterday, the government said the Energy Security Secretary discussed with Secretary Granholm how closer collaboration would “deliver cheaper, cleaner and more secure” energy for both countries.

Grant Shapps commented: “Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine has had the exact opposite effect from what he wanted – rather than wilting in the face of his tyranny, we’ve stood firm and united and are neutralising his blackmail.

“Our resolve has strengthened our relationships around the world, and nowhere more so than with the United States, where we are forging ever-closer links to deliver cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy – ensuring the likes of Putin can never again hold the world to ransom.

“We’re world leaders in renewable technologies and by supporting President Biden’s Carbon Management Challenge we are taking a step closer to realising our huge potential and be at the forefront of this exciting industry of the future.”

In addition to the Carbon Management Challenge, the UK is supporting John Kerry’s First Movers Coalition (FMC) under the Breakthrough Agenda – a UK-led initiative launched by 45 world leaders at COP26. The FMC sees companies around the world make pledges to cut their carbon emissions, such as by cleaning up manufacturing processes and supply chains.

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