Warrington Inviting Bidders For New Waste Contract

Warrington Borough Council will be looking for bids for a proposed transfer station and associated haulage, and the waste disposal and recyclate treatment contract, it has announced.

The council is seeking to enter into a long-term contract/contracts for disposal/treatment services for its residual waste, kerbside commingled recyclates, streets and gully sweepings, bulky and ad hoc wastes. The Council may consider dividing the services into lots, it says.

The services include:

  • Management & operation of a new transfer station, to be built and owned by the Council.
  • Waste haulage and associated logistics from the transfer station to the treatment facilities, for all Council delivered waste and recyclates.
  • Disposal of the Council’s residual waste and other waste streams.

Provision of processing facilities for the Council’s kerbside comingled recyclates; recycling markets and if relevant off-take markets; and management and sale of recyclates.

The council will be innovative and flexible in its commercial and services approach for the most cost-effective solution; this may include investment in new disposal facilities or services to existing facilities.

The authority will be holding an event for interested parties on 16 October. There will be opportunity following an initial presentation for attendees to book appointments with council officers to discuss our requirements in more detail.

To register an interest in the event and to receive an information pack please email waste.transfer@warrington.gov.uk

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