Waste management survey shows “missed opportunities” for hospitality and retail


Businesses need a better understanding of the opportunities their waste can offer them if improvements in environmental performance are to be made, according to phs Wastekit as it reveals the results of its new survey.

phs Wastekit, a supplier of balers and compactors, says it surveyed over 200 decision makers in retail, hospitality and food manufacturing to learn more about each sector’s waste management habits as they entered 2023.

The survey showed that although 75% had an active carbon reduction plan, over a quarter of those surveyed did not use a baler or compactor as part of their waste management procedures.

The survey also revealed that one in ten did not know that they can make money from their business’ waste cardboard, with younger “decision-makers” less likely to take up any rebates that they were aware of. A third of businesses surveyed where the decision maker was aged 34-45 do not receive any rebates for either cardboard or plastic recycling.

Businesses have an enormous opportunity for improvement here.

Jason Smith, Managing Director of phs Wastekit, commented: “Businesses have an enormous opportunity for improvement here. Our survey showed that the average business across these sectors produces 342kg of waste cardboard every week, which is a lot to manage and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

“Using a baler or compactor significantly reduces the volume of waste you are dealing with, meaning reduced waste disposal costs and reduced transport costs. It’s good for business and the environment. Win-win.”

The survey highlighted the hospitality industry was less engaged with waste management and recycling solutions than retail with 41% of the businesses surveyed not using a baler or compactor. Furthermore, 21% of respondents do not receive any rebate for cardboard or plastic and 10% were not even aware that they could.

Food manufacturers showed the highest engagement with 96% using a compactor and 92% using a baler to manage their waste. They also showed the highest uptake of cardboard rebates from waste collectors with 86% already receiving money for their waste cardboard, compared to 77% of those in retail and 71% of those in hospitality.

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