“Wikipedia for waste” launched as knowledge sharing platform

“WikiWaste” aims to provide a consolidating library of resources and waste information that will continue to be freely available to all.

Resource management company Monksleigh has created a new company, Wiki Waste Limited – on a not for profit basis – to host, manage and deliver WikiWaste – a new encyclopaedia and information sharing platform for the resources and waste sector.

The platform is based on Wikipedia and their free-source Wikimedia. The principles are similar in that it is completely free to use and open to users to comment and edit in line with the published Code of Conduct.

It aims to be “data and fact driven, and not opinion driven”, but with anyone free to use the facts to form and publish their own views and opinions elsewhere, Monksleigh says.

It aims for WikiWaste to continue to evolve and develop in its scope and content as information is added over time, but has initially been compiled by Monksleigh with Waste Collection Authority and Waste Disposal Authority data along with definitions and information from the public domain and from Monksleigh’s databases.

It is the intention to move towards adding data progressively via Monksleigh and those that have signed up to become editors of WikiWaste with the objective of providing a consolidating platform/library of information that will continue to be freely available to all.

WikiWaste will use Monksleigh and others to moderate and review information put on the website, and for updating data when available – for example the site incorporates the most recent 2018 data from Waste Data Flow for England.

WikiWaste will be looking for ideas for development and support to help create a progressively richer resource over time, and ensure that behaviours and writing is line with the Code of Conduct.

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