Presidential Podcast: Ep 4 – Innovation in the sector for a circular economy

The CIWM Presidential Team are often seen individually on the seminar circuit and at CIWM Centre events, but rarely do they come together as a group to debate and discuss their views on important topics.
Our new Presidential Podcast provides a unique opportunity to get to know our Presidential Team and hear what they have to say on a variety of topical issues, approached from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. In a series of four episodes, they will discuss a variety of topics, exploring the future needs of the sector and how the sector can progress and influence the environmental agenda.

Host: Claire Poole, Professional Development Manager at CIWM

Presidential Team:

  • Trevor Nicoll, President
  • Enda Kiernan, Immediate Past President
  • Dr Adam Read, Senior Vice President
  • Dr Anna Willetts, Junior Vice President
  • Dan Cooke, Junior Vice President Elect

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Presidential Podcast: Ep 4 – Innovation in the sector for a circular economy

This month’s Presidential Team Podcast is on the topic of circular economy. A lively discussion which touches on many different needs and issues including skill requirements not just for the waste and resource sector but for all the players needed to make circular economy a reality.

The Presidential team also discuss consumer behaviour, whether the regulations (or the way they are interpreted) are fit for purpose and the role of energy from waste.

If anyone has any interesting topics they would like covering in future podcasts or even a question they would like putting to the panel please let us know through CIWM Connect.

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