125 Years of CIWM: Shaping the future of resource management


Join us as we celebrate the incredible 125-year legacy of The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

CIWM’s special anniversary video takes you through the moments that defined the industry, the people who inspired them, and the milestones that made the Institution who they are today.

The waste and resources sector has always existed to provide people with a better cleaner life. While the technologies and methods we use have changed, our goal has not. 

The industry’s roots date back hundreds of years to the Industrial Revolution. New machinery sped up manufacturing and cities expanded rapidly, but this had an unforeseen consequence: a colossal increase in waste.

Despite an uphill battle against opposition to public health legislation and proper waste management, the reformers won and the modern-day waste industry was born.

In 1898, the inaugural meeting of CIWM took place in a Manchester pub and paved the way for the next 125 years of waste management.

CIWM was born out of necessity 125 years ago but has evolved into the cutting-edge sector we know today. You’re the innovators, problem-solvers, and boundary-pushers who will keep pioneering for years to come.

Here’s to the next 125 years!

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