CIWM Presidential Conference (Part 2)

UK governments have ambitious plans to stimulate a green recovery post-COVID, develop robust frameworks for environmental protection and enhancement, and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Creating a workforce that is has the right skills sits at the heart of these commitments and requires action at every level – from promoting STEM subjects in schools to upskilling young professionals working in relevant industry sectors and re-skilling those in transition industries. This one-day conference explores the opportunities for green skills and jobs in the UK resources and waste sector and provide an opportunity to discuss and debate how the sector maps and delivers its skills needs for the future.

Afternoon theme: Developing a roadmap for green skills in the resources and waste sector

13.00 – 13.10     Inauguration of CIWM President 2021/22, Dr Adam Read

13.10 – 13.20     Introduction: Dr Adam Read

CIWM Presidential report launch session

13.20 – 13.30     Sarahjane Widdowson – CIWM Presidential Report – research scope & key findings

13.30 – 13.40     Katie Cockburn Professional Services Director, CIWM – What is needed to support upskilling and transitioning and what support can CIWM offer?

13.40 – 13.50     Dr Adam Read – The big messages for UK governments, professional and trade bodies, and CIWM members


Response to report findings and wider perspectives

14.00 – 14.15     Phil Beach, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills

14.15 – 14.30     Nick Molho, Chief Executive, Aldersgate Group

14.30 – 14.40      Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, Prospect



15.10 – 15.25    Guy Mercer, Mayer Environmental

15.25 – 15.40    Carl Beer, Chief Executive, Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority

15.40 – 15.55    Jonathan Young, NRW



15.55 – 16.15     Closing remarks from Dr Adam Read

Watch part 1 of the CIWM Presidential Conference here. 

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