Chemical Regulation in the UK

Interested in the future direction of Chemical Regulation in the UK?

The Environmental Audit Committee has published the findings of its “Inquiry on toxic chemicals in everyday life”.

Chemicals are significantly important to our everyday life, but we know if not regulated carefully how dangerous and harmful they can be. This inquiry instigates the essential discussion to ensure that post-Brexit the UK has a defined and effective chemicals strategy that advocates future trade with the EU and upholds the high standards within the chemical industry.

Key Points:

  • A recommendation that the HSE maintains regulatory alignment with ECHA post-Brexit, deviating only to be more stringent in its approach.
  • A further recommendation that the UK adopts the risk management principles set out by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Ceasing to fund toxicology and ecotoxicology research in 2012 has put the UK at a disadvantage in developing independent chemicals regulation post-Brexit; DEFRA should fund follow-on work from NERC’s “Chemicals in the Environment” programme as a matter of urgency.

Please find below the links to the documents.

Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life:

Principles for the management of chemicals in the environment:

Detailed press release: Commons committee report builds on our expert evidence:

The inquiry: Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life:

Written by Joshua Kelly RSci MRSC AMIChemE MCIWM who is a centre councillor for CIWM.

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