RTF 2018


A number of polls were conducted over the course of the two days, taking a snapshot of what delegates think on a number of relevant sector issues.

When asked: “What measure would most effectively ‘mainstream’ resource productivity and efficiency across UK industry, not just the big brands?”, 50% of delegates said “Extended Producer Responsibility policy that rewards resource efficient design”, while 33% said: “Set a legally binding UK resource productivity target”.

When asked how important it will be to move away from weight-based to environmentally-focused targets, 61% said it was “important”, 26% said “extremely important”, while 13% said it wasn’t very important at all.

Interestingly, 53% of delegates said they were “moderately” concerned with the Chinese and potentially other export market restrictions and their impact on future UK recycling performance, while 27% said they weren’t very concerned at all. 18% said they were “extremely concerned”, while 2% said not at all.

When asked: “Does the sector have sufficient understanding of the reprocessing infrastructure in the other export markets where materials are now being sent?”, a staggering 96% of delegates said “no”.

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