£2m fund launched to reduce environmental burden of textiles in Scotland


Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government have launched a new £2m fund to help reduce the environmental burden of textiles.

Zero Waste Scotland’s latest Carbon Metric report shows textiles, which make up just 4% of waste by weight, account for 32% of the carbon impact of Scotland’s household waste.

The Circular Textiles Fund will go directly to businesses across the textiles industry in Scotland, from fashion to upholstery.

Zero Waste Scotland says the Circular Textiles Fund will support innovative projects that have what it takes to be part of Scotland’s circular economy. Applications to the fund can be from individual businesses or represent a collaboration between businesses to achieve the objectives below.

Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, Iain Gulland, said: “As a nation, we need to rethink the way we make, buy, and use products and take action to consume more responsibly. Businesses have a key role to play in facilitating that shift, helping customers make more sustainable purchasing decisions while also contributing to a greener economy.

“With textiles responsible for such a significant chunk of the carbon footprint of Scotland’s household waste it’s vital that we move away from a throwaway approach to products and materials and make things last instead. The Circular Textiles Fund is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to be part of the solution.”

This announcement comes shortly after the Scottish Government launched two public consultations on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill and Route Map to 2025. The government says the consultations form part of strategic plans to deliver Scotland’s zero waste and circular economy ambitions.

The Circular Textiles Fund focuses on the five key areas that will have maximum impact in helping Scotland reach net-zero: reducing consumption, design for circularity, supply chain management and specification, clothing care and chemical reclaim and management, and end of life (reprocessing).

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